Photo Credit: Jill Jermann

The Pilia'ama Stone

Pilia'ama was a Konohiki, surfer, and fishermen who came from Waimea Oahu. One day Pilia'ama was walking on a pathway leading to the ocean when an ali'i woman spotted him .  She was immediately struck by how handsome he was and began to approached him but for every step forward, he would take one step backward.  He began running and she gave chase through the narrow pathways and eventually she caught up to him.  At a moment's notice he vanished and all that remained was the rock that his foot last touched with the footprint of a crab imprinted into it.  The Pili a'ama stone can still be found today in Waimea just off of the side of the highway. Pili a'ama in Hawaiian roughly translates to pili which means to cling or stick, and a'ama which means crab; the clingy crab.

Pilia'ama Stone Waimea, Oahu. 

Photo Credit: Ian Masterson