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Is a phone charging cable the new bank card?

Like so many, I rely entirely on my phone for my wallet, communications, podcasts, and to keep up with my socials. These days, is a charging cable a potential replacement for a physical payment card? I was genuinely surprised when a friend of mine – one of the fintech...

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Human connection in the age of AI

I was waiting for a flight the other day and I heard someone saying: “We need to put some GenAI in there!” Even in the age of an AI arms race, we can still reclaim what is uniquely human: our empathy The image of Tom Cruise shouting “Show me the money” in Jerry...

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New banking hub in Norfolk town ‘welcomed’

The manager of a banking hub that has opened in a Norfolk town says the service has been "well welcomed". The hub, which is temporarily being housed in the Downham Market town hall, has allowed people to withdraw and deposit money and meet with a community banker...

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