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Mo'olelo of Punalu'u Stream

Kane and Kanaloa came in disguise to a little grass shack that stood next to Punalu'u Stream.  Two fishermen greeted them and offered them to come inside and have something to eat.  They gladly accepted and took a seat on the lauhala mat laid out in the center of the room. The fishermen left for a moment then returned with fresh fruit and poi which they laid in front of them. One of the fishermen said "we would have offered you fish but our nets have been empty for days”.  As they sat, the fishermen begin a prayer for the meal one of the visitors asked "which gods do you pray to?" which the fishermen replied "Kane and Kanaloa"; the visitors said nothing and continued their meal.  A few minutes later, Kane could no longer keep his silence and said at last "You surely need some fish".  The fishermen stood up and insisted the visitors to continue their meal while they try to lay their nets again. The visitors stood up also and said "we will go with you".  They arrive at the stream and begin chanting "E inu, e inu i ka wai kukae iole".  After a few moments to their surprise they saw the stream fill with fish.  Before they could say thank you Kane and Kanaloa were nowhere to be found.  Some fishermen to this day still chant the words "E inu, e inu i ka wai kukae iloe" while they fish in hopes that they too will also have luck with fish.