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Mo'olelo: Laie

Near the water hole in Malaekahana, between Laie and Kahuku, lived a man called Mano niho kahi.  He wasn’t an ordinary man, he had the ability to turn himself into a shark.  While around other people, Mano niho kahi always wore a piece of tapa which concealed the shark’s mouth on his back.  Whenever he saw women getting ready to go to the sea to fish he would ask them where they were going.  If they replied that they were going to the ocean he would quickly run to the sea taking a secret tunnel made from a lava tube to ensure he would get there first, where he would then come upon them, turn into a shark, and eat them.  Over time many women were killed and finally the chief of the region had enough. With his Kahuna, the chief commanded all of his people to stand on a plane and disrobe; all obeyed but Mano niho kahi.  The kahuna walked up to him and pulled off the tapa revealing the shark’s mouth.  Before he could move, the chief throws a spear instantly killing Mano niho kahi.