Ka'a'awa Mo'olelo

Kauhi who was a demi god was a follower of the goddess Pele.  During her travels she stationed him on the island of Oahu on a cliff side in Ka’a’awa to watch over the land. One morning Hiiaka, the sister of Pele, was walking through the forest and came across Kauhi.  Upon seeing her, Kauhi longed to travel again as he did with Pele and pleaded with her to take him. Hiiaka didn’t wish to offend him and did her best to reconcile him while turning down his offer.  Enraged that she would perpetuate his continued imprisonment on the cliffs, with his full strength he lifted himself and tore away from the covering tree roots, earth, and rocks that embraced him until he came to a crouching position where he could move no longer.  To this day, you can still see a stone in Ka’a’awa resembling the shape of a man on all fours.