Instantly harden super glue

Super glue is a must have for any home improvement expert but sometimes we don't have 15 - 20 minutes to wait for it to harden.  If you sprinkle a little baking soda on most brands of super glue, it can harden instantly.  This is due to the baking soda acting as a catalyst and speeding up the hardening process in the glue.

Makeshift wrench 

Have you ever needed to tighten or loosen a boat but can't find a wrench? Try putting 2 nuts on a bolt and tightening them around the head of the bolt.  

Remove stripped screws

We've all been there, there's one final screw to remove and you end up stripping it so you can't take it out.  If you ever find yourself in this situation you can place the rubber band on the head of the stripped screw and then try to remove it.  The rubber acts as extra grip and reduces the chances of further stripping the screw.

Post it note dry wall catcher

Next time you hang up a new painting you might want to have a post it note handy.  By bending it at a 45 degree angle and sticking it onto the wall bellow where you're drilling it can catch any debris that falls making clean up a synch.

Rubber band paint scraper

Have you ever finished painting the inside of your house just to notice that there's paint drippings all over your floors? Try putting a rubber band around your paint tin and use it to scrape off excess paint from your brush.  Not only does this prevent your floors from getting painted, but it also saves you a lot of paint!