Photo Credit: Podge Elvenstar

Mo'olelo O Ha'uula 

One day Kane and Kanaloa were passing through Kaipapau in Hauula when they came across one of their trusted Kahuna. They warned him that if he heard a loud noise on the beach not to go down and be the first to investigate it but to instead ask around to see what it is first; if it’s a shark or large fish he was told to remain home.  A few days passed and a large wave swept a big whale onto the shore with its tail facing the ocean and its head facing the sea.  The people came to see the whale and thought it was dead so they played on its back and jumped off its head into the ocean.  The Kahuna heard the laughter of people on the beach and left his home to investigate.  Once he got to the beach he completely forgot of the god’s warning and began to climb the tail of the whale which began to slowly move as he neared the whale’s back.   The Kahuna leaps off of the whale’s head into the ocean as others cheered him on.  He returned to the beach and for a second time climbed up on the whale and leaped off of its head.  Before the Kahuna reached the water the whale caught him in its mouth and carried him away to Tahiti.

To this day, there is a piece of land near the ocean in Hauula with the name “Ka-lae-o-ka-paloa” which translates to “the cape of the whale”.