Amazon Echo Dot

Being very small and light weight an Amazon Echo Dot is one of the easiest ways to bring voice activated technology into your home.  This device is connected to the internet and can assist you in any questions you may have, turning on/off lights, playing music, and much more.

iClever Smart Plug

This smart outlet is used for much more than plugging in electronics, it’s used to enhance the ambience in your home.  Not only can the iClever smart plug create scents around your home it can also be programed to turn on or off based on various conditions including temperature, humidity, weather, pollution, etc. 

lifx Mini Smart Bulb

Do you have a habit of leaving the lights on? The Lifx Mini Smart Bulb may be for you.  This bub fits into a traditional light socket and can be paired with most smart home products to turn your lights on and off through a timer or by voice.

Roost Smart Battery

If you travel a lot it might be a good idea to pick up a Roost Smart battery.  Using this wifi connected battery with a smoke detector will allow you to get messages whenever the detector is activated.  One of the best features about this battery is a snooze button just in case you accidently set off the smoke alarm while cooking.

iGrill Mini

This device is perfect for any grill master or BBQ enthusiast.  The iGrill Mini is a thermometer with Bluetooth capabilities that will send a notification to your phone as soon as your steak is ready; just set and forget and have a perfect steak waiting for you when you return.

Google Chromecast

With movie high definition streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix it’s a disservice to your television if you’re only watching movies from DVDs. Google Chromecast is a cheep and easy way to stream 4k content from your phone, tablet or PC straight to your TV with no wires involved.