The Eddie Big Wave Invitational

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The Eddie is a big wave contest that is invite only and is named after legendary North Shore lifeguard and surfer Eddie Aikau.  This competition has been around for 33 years but has only ran a total of nine times since 1984 due to the big surf that is needed to host this competition.

Location: Waimea Bay, North Shore Oahu

Date: December 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019


Volcom Pipe Pro 2019

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Even though the Volcum pipe pro isn’t a championship tour, it still attracts many of the world’s best surfers to show off their skills on some of the most pristine waves that North shore has to offer. You can expect the same excitement and showmanship as you would at championship competitions but with way less crowds as it’s hosted in the beginning of the surfing season.

Location: Banzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore Oahu

Date: January 29  – February 10, 2019


Da Hui Backdoor Shootout & Da Hui Pipeline Warriors 2019

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Both of these competitions are invite only and feature some of the best surfers Hawaii has to offer.  The Da Hui Backdoor Shoutout is held in memory of legendary surfer Duke Kahanamoku and features a unique event where jersey free teams of surfers compete against each other to win it all. The Da Hui Pipeline Warriors event is also a jersey free event which includes different divisions but unlike the Backdoor Shoutout, it's ever man for himself!

Location: Banzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore Oahu

Date: Da Hui Backdoor Shootout: January 4 – 16, 2019.

Date: Da Hui Pipeline Warriors: Early February  (Exact date unknown)


Sunset Open & Sunset Pro Junior 2019

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The Sunset Open is a Men’s Qualifying Series event to make it to the WSL Championship Tour.  Though it may not include world famous surfers, this competition is perfect for scouting new up and coming surfers with tremendous talent.The Sunset Pro Junior is a Qualifying Series that features both men and women who are under the age of 18. Though they may be young, these surfers are very talented and are definitely worth watching!

Location: Sunset Beach, North Shore Oahu

Date: January 18 – 28, 2019